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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Welcome To The View From Jerusalem

For many years I have made an about turn and ignored most of the posts in blogs and forums in regard to Israel and whatever the current situation happened to be in terms of events unfolding in the Middle East. Sometimes when I did get up enough gumption to post something back, it was usually met with either sarcasm or cynicism. I was content to listen and read many expostulations on how Israel will enter into Nuclear War, how Israel will destroy, how it is a war monger, how it is never in the right and of course all the terrorists are just misunderstood individuals.

The current situation with the Hizbulah, Lebanon, Iran & Syria further exasperated the seeming peace which seemed to reign for awhile among those who will use every possible news event to rant and rave against Israel's politics, it's war machine, it's people - anything and everything. Israel, Jews, Jewish People, those who support Israel are all fair game.

Since I am an American citizen who resides in Jerusalem, and since I have been through a great deal of the wars and intifadas that took place in Israel, it seems that the time has come to also add MHO (my humble opinions) to these vast array of posts and blogs.

The impetus for this actually came yesterday, when I guess one would say the proverbial straw broke the camel's back. I belong to a fairly well known forum of Writers on the net. There most of the posts are about writing, publishing, agenting etc. However, there is also a forum board for those who wish to get "it off their chests" and most certainly the threads created here are the most popular.

Since the Israel - Hizbulah action started, the amount of threads opened up were beyond anything that I have seen before. To be sure it is the same 5-6 people always posting, using this writers forum as a soapbox for their views. This is legitimate and is certainly welcomed. Of course, most of the posters, have an ax to grind or desire to create some type of pseudo-intellectual aura around their persona, but that too can be expected. Few of them as far as I can tell, have ever had a damn thing published so I have really no clue what they are doing on a writers forum, except perhaps to agitate and make noise.

The posts went from sane to outlandish. They also went from Israel, to anti-Israel to out right anti-Semitic. One woman from Sweden posting and constantly mixing up the terms Israeli and Jews, reminded me of reading pre-WWII literature. But then again there are bugs hiding underneath all sorts of rocks these days.

However, yesterday, there was a post about a known terrorist that had killed a father in front of his daughter, and then smashed the daughters head against a rock squashing the life out of her as well. This terrorist is now in jail. However, one post, which related to this specific case, found umbrage in the fact that such a person should still be in jail. After all this poster said, has anyone found out if the terrorist showed remorse for what he did?

Reading such bullshit in a seemingly intellectual board by people who hide behind words scared the living daylights out of me. I could not help but wonder if he had been part of this family what he would be saying at around this time?

So it is time for the View from Jerusalem to step up and be heard. Without excuses, without any type of embarrassment, without trying to placate those who feel differently.

Of course many who read this will scream, kick and yell at the "Israeli Aggressor". That is fine. There is a place for comments, and if they are not overtly anti-Semitic they will be published.

The purpose here is to try and clear up some incredible myths that seem to be spreading like wildfire around the Net and consequently taken for "truth" without any ands, ifs or buts about it.

Perhaps it is time for the "Israeli" voice to be heard. Maybe even a lone voice among all the posts in blogs accusing Israel of a myriad of the world's sins and problems, will be heard by those who need to hear it.

Welcome to The View From Jerusalem

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