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Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Grandparents Went To Auschwitz...

There is a rule in life, or Murphy's law depending how you look upon things and your perspective, which simply states:
"Just when I thought I saw everything possible, along comes something new to shock the hell out of me."
And so this week with all the news, good and bad, going from Iran, Iraq, the Baker Report, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. etc. and etc. - I came across this little gem of a find.

T-shirts are damn big business. Just ask the owners of They lived the dream starting off in a garage and growing to a multi-million dollar company, while allowing others as well to get in on the act. Their original premise is to produce items for everyone to buy. It basically works like this and you can go to their home page and see it there.
  1. You choose an object you want to sell in your store. Such as a mug, a T-shirt, a greeting card etc.
  2. You upload your picture (graphic).
  3. You place an order for how many you want.
  4. You put up a store and sell this home-made incredible gift to other people.
It is kind of like a POD (Print On Demand) Book. Or self-publishing in the literary world. It works great. People make lots of money in their stores at and so do the owners.

Of course these days you are going to find anything on T-shirt. The more crass, the more disgusting - the cooler you are. So be it. Fads are all over. And freedom of speech reigns.

Yet even the T-shirt category can shock. It can totally and completely shock by the absolute "tastelessness"?, "hatred"?, "immaturity"?, "vindictive stupidity"? or just plain imbecilic stupidity that recently appeared up at and folks remember - CafePress does the printing and publishing, NOT the person selling.

I cannot even begin to imagine the sick mind that came up with this. I cannot even imagine the sick minds that thought this cute enough to spend money on and then wear. I cannot even imagine the lack of humanity that must be inherent in any individual who wears such a T-shirt and displays it on their chest. I cannot think of anything that one should do for someone who like pictured below, wears this T-shirt for attention. Is it for a laugh? At what? At who? At bars of soap? At crematoria? At orphans? At widows? At millions of people slaughtered?


So I can only thank our lucky stars that some sane person saw this T-shirt and promptly notified the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) who promptly made it incredibly clear that to the idiots at just what they were going to do.
"It is incomprehensible to us why anyone would create a t-shirt that makes light of the mass murder carried out at a former Nazi concentration camp," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "While we understand the genre of novelty shirts, we also believe that retailers bear a responsibility to ensure that their products do not cross the line into causing offense or pain to others, or trivialize important and serious subjects like the Holocaust. We are gratified that has acted responsibly and removed these shirts from their Web site."
One would think I should thank and be gratified for pulling the T-shirt off their site forthwith, even though they did not answer the email. (Probably because their Lawyers warned them that answering the email is acknowledgment and thus they may be admitting some culpability in the whole scene.)

I am NOT thanking them. Indeed I am wondering just how far things must go on before sanity takes over. produces these T-shirts. They print them. Not the guy who made the graphic. Where the hell was their quality control? Where the hell were their brains? Where the hell was their responsibility to ensure that the stuff they put on their web-site would not land them in deep shit.

Do yourself a favor if you respect your own humanity. When you see the idiot or one of his friends pictured below walking down the street, don't let it just go by.



Because when we allow society to turn Auschwitz and all that name represents and means into a joke, we are one step away of allowing it to happen all over again.

And that thought dear reader, should scare the shit out of anyone.

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Paula said...

Thank God I am not the only one who feels obligated to border on rudely inserting myself upon the ignorance of racism.

I have on many occassions brought to the attention of the ignorant what I find offensive.

If I over hear a conversation or am forced to witness stupidity, I believe it is my birthright to bring it to their attention. Offenders will continue to offend when we allow it.

On a writing forum, there was a thread started by an imbecile whining about NOT confronting a person making racial remarks in a public building. I was both surprised and angered at the responses to this post. Many were of the opinion that you can't change people's mind so you should do nothing. My most favorite (and this is sarcastic) was the excuse of " Older people have been brought up to believe that something is wrong, or unknown therefore, they can not change their ways."

That is like saying " Oh, you're old, you can treat humans like shit."

Ted, you continually hit the nail on the head. I am never unimpressed with your views or your writing. Thank God there are still some sane, intelligent people in the world..

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to update this subject:

The shirt is still around, even though it's not on CafePress anymore.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me, right? Your panties are in a wad over a T-shirt? What I find scary is the fact that you want to dictate what is acceptable and what isn't in today's society, and then censor it. You want to be the morality police, and expect everyone else to feel the same. Give me a break. YES, the t-shirt is funny....PERIOD. Don't like it, hey, here's a idea, don't buy it!! WOW...what a concept.

Side not to Paula...keep right on inserting yourself where you don't belong. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Just because you may not like their beliefs, DOES NOT give you the right to "bring it to their attention". Unfortunately Paula, you aren't one of those sane, intelligent people in the world you talk about. Anyone going up to racists strangers and preaching to them is an IDIOT.

Anonymous said...

Oh... Approval first...why am I not surprised. Wouldn't want anything posted that might upset those delicate feelings.