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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh! For The Advances Of Modern Technology...

This small piece caught my eye today. Not because it is not needed, but exactly the opposite, because it is desperately needed. And that fact brought a bit of despair into my heart.

In the Jerusalem Post, a small article entitled: "Tracking device lets Israel year program staff know where the kids are" let us know exactly how year programs of foreign students are trying to cope and balance the needs of security with the needs of student privacy.

"American and British youth movements Young Judaea (YJ) and the Federation of Zionist Youth (FZY) are piloting a tracking system that will ease the minds of hundreds of British and US-based parents sending their children to Israel for a year.

The two youth movements, which run a joint program bringing more than 400 18-year-olds to Israel for a year of Hebrew studies and volunteering projects, have arranged for software company Office Core and cell phone company Israel Phones to supply them with a unique software that can immediately find the location of every participant at all times."
This, of course, smacks of Big Brother and 1984. It also is a way for parents to stay sane.
"He added that many times during a terrorist attack, the cell phone network in the immediate vicinity of the explosion collapses.

"If a person's phone does not respond to the location request that is sent out, then we will know immediately who we should be worried about," he said.

Despite the notion that such a device could be considered an invasion of privacy, Mitchell commented that all the parents who had sent their children on YJ/FZY Year course were informed about the pilot and, he said, all seemed to receive the idea very well."
Lest you think that this is just being "crazy" and "paranoid" I suggest you take a look at the following site: American Victims of Mideast Terrorist Attacks. There is a real worry here. So I will say that this system is not only needed, it gets 5 stars for implementation.

Now, how about the exact same system for home use? How about the ability to track my own children in case of a terrorist attack? I have lived through the hell of knowing my son was in downtown Jerusalem, when three bombs went off, one after the other, and the celular phone system crashed. Hell is simply not enough of a description to tell you what I lived through until those phones went back on line.

It is a sign of the times. We live with terror. I know the United Nations, that august body of sycophants, loves to make Israel its enemy, but let me ask you, where else is there such a need for a system due to terrorist reasons? Oh you may want to track your children - I understand and empathize, but do you want to track them because you live in fear they will be blown up by some grandmother or teenager screaming out "God is Great"? I tend to doubt it.

Modern technology. It tracks our children now. It helps us find them when a bomb goes off. But for some reason with all the good will, it simply cannot stop the hatred and devastation when an animal in the guise of a human being decides it is time to blow himself up with a few other civilians. Until that time when suicide bombers can be stopped BEFORE they do their evil work, we can only pray that after they have blown themselves up that the damage they left behind is only their own sick mind blown to pieces.

Because there is nothing that points to the greatness of God when you strap a bomb around your own body. The only thing it points to is the evil of man and the sickness of hatred.

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Michael ingram said...

I would warn you about taking out an FZY / Young Judea phone in spite of the tracking devices. The company israel cellular phones gave my daughter a toll free number that she could be called on. However the fact that the phoen (and therefore me as the credit card holder0 would be charged for these "toll free" calls was hidden in the small print.

Of course, i as the aprent was not able to control his.
the result - a £450 ($800) bill!

Can you refuse to take the phone and put your child's safety at risk?

They have got you and they are out to screw you!

Michael ingram

Ted W. Gross said...

The tracking device and your child's safety is one thing...having children who all have cell phones I know exactly what you are talking about. You should write to FZY and tell them that they should make it incredibly clear to the children that any phone calls made will be charged to them.

However, not taking a phone is something that I would not advise. Even without the tracking device the phone is critical for communication these days.

The problem is that since the cell phone is so ubiquitous and part of the "life style" of children they make sure they have it at all times. The SMS features are also important. So it is the logical device for a tracking device as well.