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Friday, December 22, 2006

Playing Against The Odds With Kassam Rockets

"There is only one thing worse than a nation that has lost faith in its leaders, and that is leaders who have lost faith in their nation."The restraint policy so suddenly and so rigorously followed by Olmert has everyone up in arms. On one hand restraint is good. It never works - but it is good to restrain oneself every now and then. Here the restraint is being used by Olmert as penance. First we go into Lebanon unprepared so we can build up his ego, then we restrain ourselves at a time when restraint is sending all the wrong signals to all the wrong people.

You have to hand it to Olmert - he gets it consistently and constantly wrong. Indeed this fool is so consistent one is tempted to give him, Peretz and Livni the Idiot Trinity Award.

So the Jerusalem Post and every other paper reports as follows:

"Six Kassam rockets were fired on Thursday, and 10 the day before. Four of the rockets fell in the western Negev, one of them near a school and another near the community center in Sderot, and two others veered off course and struck a home in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanun, moderately wounding a Palestinian boy who was sleeping in his bedroom. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the rocket attacks."

For those who cannot do higher mathematics in their head (Olmert, Peretz & Livni - I know you have problems in adding 2 + 2 - so pay attention here) that is 16 Kassam rockets in two days. Let us repeat this little number for emphasis. Sixteen in Two Days.

We got lucky. But a Palestinian kid sleeping in his bedroom was not so lucky when one of his own landed on his ceiling. But Sederot and Ashkelon are not going to remain lucky for too long. They sure as hell are not.

There is nothing more dangerous than a fool - except two fools. Olmert & Livni are fools in a paradise of fools. They restrain when they need to attack; they attack when there is reason for restraint.
Earlier in the evening, Olmert announced his decision to reject Defense Minister Amir Peretz's proposal for a limit to Israel's restraint policy, saying that the policy would remain the same despite the Kassam attacks.
And so Netanyahu did take a shot at Olmert.
"Olmert said long ago that we are 'tired of curbing the attacks.' It's not the nation that's tired - Olmert is tired. There is only one thing worse than a nation that has lost faith in its leaders, and that is leaders who have lost faith in their nation."
Sooner or later those Kassam rockets are going to get deadly. They are going to kill lots of innocent people. They are going to maim and destroy and wreck havoc and destruction. Sooner or later Kassam rockets are going to land on a home of someone in Sderot. Or a kindergarten. Or a school.

Livni cannot say these are settlers in Gaza and they are getting what they deserve. Olmert cannot say these are people living in the West Bank and they know the risks.

But we have created a new definition of a cease fire as this quote from the BBC and the Jerusalem Post in the article, Gambling on restraint, so aptly makes clear:
"The cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza appears to be holding even after militants fired rockets into Israeli territory."

This was how the BBC's Radio Four described the situation around the Gaza Strip a couple of weeks ago; in other words, the new definition of a cease-fire is one in which the Palestinians continue firing Kassams while the IDF holds its fire.

This quote was originally noted by Charles Moore in The Spectator magazine, but while he used it to pillory the BBC, it is now obvious that it is also the way that the Israeli leadership understands the cease-fire.
And so the battle with the terrorists now becomes a battle over Israel proper. Not the green line, not the 67 borders but Israel proper - at least Israel proper according to the left wing.

Tell me something. Just one thing. What the hell are the idiots in the government thinking? If you don't defend that which is the heart of your country what the hell are you going to defend? Kassam rockets are dumb. They can be aimed in a general direction. They are homemade. But they are getting better. The people that aim and shoot them are NOT dumb. They are the garbage of humanity; they are terrorists; they want to kill every Jew that walks the face of the earth - but they are NOT dumb.

Sad to say Netanyahu has it right.
There is only one thing worse than a nation that has lost faith in its leaders, and that is leaders who have lost faith in their nation.

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