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Friday, December 22, 2006

Playing Against The Odds With Kassam Rockets

"There is only one thing worse than a nation that has lost faith in its leaders, and that is leaders who have lost faith in their nation."The restraint policy so suddenly and so rigorously followed by Olmert has everyone up in arms. On one hand restraint is good. It never works - but it is good to restrain oneself every now and then. Here the restraint is being used by Olmert as penance. First we go into Lebanon unprepared so we can build up his ego, then we restrain ourselves at a time when restraint is sending all the wrong signals to all the wrong people.

You have to hand it to Olmert - he gets it consistently and constantly wrong. Indeed this fool is so consistent one is tempted to give him, Peretz and Livni the Idiot Trinity Award.

So the Jerusalem Post and every other paper reports as follows:

"Six Kassam rockets were fired on Thursday, and 10 the day before. Four of the rockets fell in the western Negev, one of them near a school and another near the community center in Sderot, and two others veered off course and struck a home in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanun, moderately wounding a Palestinian boy who was sleeping in his bedroom. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the rocket attacks."

For those who cannot do higher mathematics in their head (Olmert, Peretz & Livni - I know you have problems in adding 2 + 2 - so pay attention here) that is 16 Kassam rockets in two days. Let us repeat this little number for emphasis. Sixteen in Two Days.

We got lucky. But a Palestinian kid sleeping in his bedroom was not so lucky when one of his own landed on his ceiling. But Sederot and Ashkelon are not going to remain lucky for too long. They sure as hell are not.

There is nothing more dangerous than a fool - except two fools. Olmert & Livni are fools in a paradise of fools. They restrain when they need to attack; they attack when there is reason for restraint.
Earlier in the evening, Olmert announced his decision to reject Defense Minister Amir Peretz's proposal for a limit to Israel's restraint policy, saying that the policy would remain the same despite the Kassam attacks.
And so Netanyahu did take a shot at Olmert.
"Olmert said long ago that we are 'tired of curbing the attacks.' It's not the nation that's tired - Olmert is tired. There is only one thing worse than a nation that has lost faith in its leaders, and that is leaders who have lost faith in their nation."
Sooner or later those Kassam rockets are going to get deadly. They are going to kill lots of innocent people. They are going to maim and destroy and wreck havoc and destruction. Sooner or later Kassam rockets are going to land on a home of someone in Sderot. Or a kindergarten. Or a school.

Livni cannot say these are settlers in Gaza and they are getting what they deserve. Olmert cannot say these are people living in the West Bank and they know the risks.

But we have created a new definition of a cease fire as this quote from the BBC and the Jerusalem Post in the article, Gambling on restraint, so aptly makes clear:
"The cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza appears to be holding even after militants fired rockets into Israeli territory."

This was how the BBC's Radio Four described the situation around the Gaza Strip a couple of weeks ago; in other words, the new definition of a cease-fire is one in which the Palestinians continue firing Kassams while the IDF holds its fire.

This quote was originally noted by Charles Moore in The Spectator magazine, but while he used it to pillory the BBC, it is now obvious that it is also the way that the Israeli leadership understands the cease-fire.
And so the battle with the terrorists now becomes a battle over Israel proper. Not the green line, not the 67 borders but Israel proper - at least Israel proper according to the left wing.

Tell me something. Just one thing. What the hell are the idiots in the government thinking? If you don't defend that which is the heart of your country what the hell are you going to defend? Kassam rockets are dumb. They can be aimed in a general direction. They are homemade. But they are getting better. The people that aim and shoot them are NOT dumb. They are the garbage of humanity; they are terrorists; they want to kill every Jew that walks the face of the earth - but they are NOT dumb.

Sad to say Netanyahu has it right.
There is only one thing worse than a nation that has lost faith in its leaders, and that is leaders who have lost faith in their nation.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Messianic Movements

The other day my son and I were on our way to another son's Hanukkah party in the city of Rechovot. As we were driving on the hills leaving Jerusalem, we passed a van with a sign taped on to it's side with a picture of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe and the statement underneath it: "May our Rabbi and teacher live - The Messianic King".

"He stands behind the wall, looking through the windows, and peeking through the cracks"Now anyone even somewhat familiar with Lubavitch, or Chabad Hassidim as they are known, has seen this sign and statement before. It was not new to me as well. However in a mood of musing I turned to my son and said:

"I would love to be able to jump into the future around 50 years from now and see if the Chabad Hassidim are still around and if so, will they still believe that the Rebbe who is dead is going to come back from the dead as the Messiah. I also would love to know which 'stream' in Chabad will eventually win out. Those who believe the Rebbe really did not die and is coming back, or those who continue along a normal path of Chabad."

I said it half-joking half-serious. My son answered immediately:

"There are no streams. They all believe the Rebbe will come back from the dead. Some will admit it immediately. Others you have to pull it out of them. But in the end result all Chabad believes the Rebbe is the Messiah and he will come back from the dead."

Then he continued which really made me think:

"The Rambam (Maimonides) made "Techiat Hametim" (rising from the dead) part of the thirteen tenets of faith. So why should it sound so strange that Chabad believes in this?"

He had a point. Albeit one can argue it intellectually that the two have nothing to do with one another, but he had a point.

But I am still bothered and worried about this Messianic tendency in Chabad. Until the point in which the Rebbe died, the seventh Rebbe in line, leaving no heirs and no formally picked successor, Chabad - Lubavitch Hassidim - were probably the most pro-active, pro-Israel and certainly responsible for saving the lives of thousands of Jews all over the world. Indeed the whole movement to free Soviet Jewry in the '70's can be attributed directly to the Rebbe's influence. And who among us who have traveled around the world can deny that in every city and every town in the most far flung places on this planet, one can always be assured of finding a representative of Chabad.

But this Messianism scares me.

I taught Judaism and Christianity for many years. The early Christians believed almost the same thing about Jesus. It is hard not to see the parallels between the two movements. Hard not to wonder just what are these Lubavitch Hassidim thinking these days. Hard not to see the ultimate desire and almost physical need for redemption and the Messianic days.

The dangers are apparent. The problems it could cause are also apparent. There is still no way to stop this movement. It will continue.

Messianic movements scare me. They always did. The Sabbateans and the Frankists added nothing to our heritage that we can be proud of. Chabad has achieved so much in the past, and all it is achieving now is derision.

Will the Messiah come? Will he arrive in our day and time? Will he rise from the dead in a cemetery in Brooklyn? I know not.

In 1971 Pop came to visit me in Israel while I was studying here. We went to the Wailing Wall - the Kotel as it is known. He loved to go there. So I asked him what was so special to him about the Kotel. I will never forget my father's answer to me that day:

"For generations every Jew prayed to come back here. They prayed for the Messiah. And now we have the Kotel in our hands, and we still complain there is no Messiah."

Then my father pointed to the Kotel and said:

"You see that wall of stone. You see that old plain wall? That is where the Messiah is. That is where he hides. And we simply have to open our eyes to see Him. And every time I come to the Kotel, I realize just how much we as a people have to be thankful for."

I think Pop had it right. I think he had it so right. We should stop trying to awake the dead to save us, and always remember to open our eyes and try to see the world as it is - and never forget to make the world as it should be.

That is the true and real Messianic movement. Striving to make our world as it should be, and to never give in to the defeatism of having a world as it is. And if we do that, we will discover, as the famous song says, "even the rocks in the Wailing Wall have a heart".

For truly in those rocks as Song of Songs tells us:

"He stands behind the wall, looking through the windows, and peeking through the cracks"
Watching as we strive to make this a better world for all those who inhabit it.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Gingerbread Man

Run, run, as fast as you can.
You can't catch me,
I'm the Gingerbread Man.

Artists and writers, indeed all creative people are a funny bunch. There is an inner need to express ourselves that often will go beyond the norm. We want to stand out from the crowd, to be noticed, to express ourselves. Sometimes we even attempt to garner attention with the element of "shock". This is an accepted practice among artists and writers, and sometimes used to great effect.

At first when I read the following in the United Press International Release and then at JTA, I was bemused.
An Ohio artist who wants to grab people's attention has done just that with a storefront holiday display featuring gingerbread men at a Nazi rally.
I could not help but think that a child wants to make an impression. But then my eye caught something else.
McGuckin, 50, originally had the display in an Oberlin hardware store but the owner ordered him to remove it after deeming the subject matter offensive.
One would think that a 50 year old should know better. Now with all fairness Mr. McGuckin did immediately take down the display entitled, "The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men", when he discovered how offensive it was. I can only wonder where his own judgment went when he created this masterpiece.

The thing is - the point is - when we start poking fun with Gingerbread Men at scenes such as depicted below, we make them almost "innocent". In this day and age when we are facing Holocaust denial and Nazi rebirth in Europe and in Iran, when the world faces a new up and coming Fuhrer in a new "fatherland" one should use one's brains before one thinks of a decent message and method to "shock" others.

Mr. McGuckin did accomplish his goal. He got the press and he got his "ten seconds of fame".

He also proved that even an innocent Gingerbread Man can be made into something vile and disgusting in the name of art.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

No Longer Do We Shrug Our Shoulders In Defeat

I am an adamant Alan Dershowitz fan. I don't always agree with him, and sometimes he does make me cringe with certain ideas and statements, however, whether you like his politics or you do not like it, one must give the man credit for intelligence and wit. One must also give him respect for the way he will stand up for what he believes in.

This week, Mr. Dershowitz has once again appeared preeminently in the world press. He wrote an incredibly good piece on "targeted assassinations" and also has appeared in regard to something else - taking a shot at the new Fuhrer, Ahmadinejad.

It started with the outgoing US ambassador to the UN (quote is from The Guardian article):

The outgoing US ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, is backing a call for the president of Iran to be charged with inciting genocide because of his speeches advocating the destruction of the state of Israel.
Certainly an interesting concept. Imagine that! We are going to charge someone with Genocide besides a Jew or Israeli! Wowsers!

JTA Global News Service carried as well an interesting piece about this idea. In an article entitled "Jewish leaders threaten to indict Ahmadinejad for inciting genocide" we read about the anger that this conference has engendered.
"Ahmadinejad’s incitement violates the 1948 U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, speakers said. "
Yes it does. But Ahmadinejad, without a shadow of a doubt, could not care less about the United Nations or any International Law. That is kind of obvious to anyone who follows the antics of this would be Fuhrer. So let us give Boulton and Dershowitz and all the others credit for intelligence. Indeed, the worst mistake anyone could make, agree or not agree with Mr. Dershowitz, is to underestimate his intelligence and political savvy.

The one thing I liked about this report, the one thing I actually loved about this report, is that it shows a measure of understanding how to begin to make the "work the ropes" within a legal and viable format.
“We will try the law. We will try politics. We will try everything,” said Alan Dershowitz, a prominent attorney and professor at Harvard Law School. “But if they fail, we will use self-defense.”

In addition to seeking an indictment of Ahmadinejad in the International Criminal Court, Dershowitz disclosed that he and Irwin Cotler, a Canadian legislator and prominent human-rights lawyer, were preparing a brief to justify military preemption if legal efforts don’t work.

“We waited once, we will not wait again,” said Dershowitz, who like other speakers evoked the global silence as the Nazis prepared the Holocaust. “Do not expect passive acceptance of genocide. We will fight back.”
Yet this is also a "reality" conference. And it is damn good to finally see "reality" seep in to the Jewish leadership, to be honest. Usually Jewish leaders are so damn divorced from reality one thinks they were born in a vacuum.

Several speakers expressed reservations about placing too much faith in the United Nations.
“When you’re thinking about remedies, don’t be naive about the United Nations,” said Ruth Wedgwood, a noted international lawyer and professor at Johns Hopkins University.

She further cautioned that U.N. initiatives have a history of being turned around and used as diplomatic weapons against the State of Israel.
We all know the UN is a useless vehicle most of the time. We also know that Israel must pay attention to this body. We also know it is sick and one-sided, eaten inside at the core and joined at its rib with one hatred - that of the State of Israel. It is good to see that we recognize the fact and also realize that Jewish leaders of this generation will not dismiss or ignore it.

No longer do we shrug our shoulders in defeat.
Dershowitz stressed that the legal initiative was intended to “give the international community a chance to prove itself,” a community he noted that includes not only the United Nations but states and nongovernmental organizations.

If that effort fails, Dershowitz did not mince words in describing what should be done.

“If the international community fails, if this challenge is not met, we reserve the right of self-defense,” he said. “We pledge here today to do everything it takes, and anything it takes, to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. We will not fail. We cannot fail.”
And yet of course we will fail. Iran will go nuclear. Let us simply understand that little fact. Iran is going to go nuclear. Iran has a real psychopath running the country. Not a good combination. But I see hope actually. Real hope.

What Mr. Dershowitz did not say, and what should be said out loud, clearly and for the whole world to hear is this:

During the Holocaust the Jews themselves, including the pre-Israel state was mostly silent. Because the world was at War. Because the whole issue of mankind and freedom was on the table. Because...because...because. We have learned from that great statement: "Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned To Relive It".

This time around no one is shrugging their shoulders. This time around we have learned the lesson. It has embedded on the conscience of our small nation - little blue numbers tattooed into arms - which will never leave our collective consciousness.

Hatred for the Jew and the state of Israel is not a new thing. Having such an august body stand up and declare that this will not be allowed is something that is fairly new for us. It should give us hope. With all our differences, with all our political variations, it should give us hope. We have learned not to blame God for the sins of mankind. And we have learned that we can and will stand up for our own people. And above all we have learned to never again just shrug our shoulders, turn our backs in humiliation in the face of annihilation, and shrug our shoulders in defeat.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cockroaches Are Always Hiding In The Pipes

I really was not going to post about the "Holocaust Denial" conference. It is just all over the press and all over the media and most of it is clear thought out and certainly in the realm of sanity that I assumed that the idiotic "Holocaust Deniers" conference taking place in the country of intellectual giants and an example for free thinking countries and people all over the world - Iran - would be enough.

Assumption is the mother of all mistakes. Makes fools out of a lot of us. A couple of little tidbits passed my computer screen yesterday which raised eyebrows both in a good and a bad way. Indeed, one which I will discuss below in its implication scared the living daylights out of me. But let us go step by step here.

Ahmadinejad called a conference. People came. They got together in the lovely almost nuclear country of Iran and patted each other on the back for their courage and sanity in declaring to the world that the Holocaust never took place or that it was an invention of the Zionist propaganda machine. This in and of itself would not be news. Even the pathetic attempt to separate Holocaust denial and Antisemitism would not have been news. And even the need to express the need to destroy the State of Israel and kill every Jew inside of it would not be news. What is news is the way some people choose to interpret such lunacy.

First off, readers of The View From Jerusalem, know that I have posted before a few specific posts about the Holocaust and its implications.

  1. Privacy Of Surviovors Or Protection of Nazis?
  2. Weaving The Filigree For The Crown Of God...
  3. My Grandparents Went To Auschwitz...
In an excellent and well written editorial - Rattling the Cage: Holocaust denial and Jewish liberals by Larry Derfner which appeared in the Jerusalem Post, expresses what he thinks to be a left-wing view that Israel certainly sometimes "exploits" the Holocaust, (and this is not only a left wing view or centrist or right wing view - it is held by many people across the political spectrum) - Mr. Derfner makes a point about the distinction between "exploiting" the Holocaust and the "denial" of the Holocaust. I have no wish to get into any debate at the moment as to the methods or amount that Israel does use the Holocaust, and whether it is legitimate or not. However there is a comment in this article I do wish to point out:
"Along with, I imagine, every other left-wing Zionist who's ever been appalled at the way Israeli and Diaspora Jewish leaders exploit the Holocaust, I would have been filled with joy if a bolt of lightning had struck that conference in Teheran and killed everybody inside, starting with Ahmadinejad.

With the exception of the collaborators from Natorei Karta, those people are modern-day Nazis. They want for the Jews what Hitler wanted."
In another excellent editorial in Haaretz Daily Paper (yes, today I am picking the "left" but don't read into that too much!) entitled: Iran grows strong, the world yawns, we read:
It is possible to make fun of the conference of Holocaust deniers in Tehran, as the historian Prof. Moshe Zimmerman proposes. It is also possible to view this reaction as yet another symptom of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that has afflicted the West in the face of rising Islamic extremism. As long as the Arab world was united against Zionist Israel and its policies toward the Palestinians, it was possible to hope this hatred would disappear once the local conflict had been resolved. But the conference in Tehran is another sign that anti-Israel sentiment has long since turned into open anti-Semitism.

The repeated calls for Israel's eradication that emanate from Iran, to which even the reactions of disgust have grown weaker over time, should - especially when accompanied by nuclear weapons, but even without them - have generated an active and effective worldwide front. Instead, we are gradually seeing the problem become Israel's problem alone.

I am sure if you follow the media in the major countries of the world similar editorials and reports have appeared.

One specific thing is clear. This is not a "pure" historical debate. This is not an intellectual discussion on the Holocaust. This is simply just another set of Emperor's Clothes for the disease of Antisemitism, anti-Israel rhetoric and the desire to rid the world of Israel and the Jews.

But then again this is not news. There are sick people all over and certainly Ahmadinejad seems to be aspiring for a seat next to Hitler and Nazi Germany in the annals of history.

So be it.

But it does get scary, not when the insane, psychopathic leaders of some countries decide to announce their intentions, and not when some 50-60 severely deranged humans decide to join him - it gets scary when the little cockroaches of this world decide to come out and play as well. It gets scary when the "little people" couch their arguments in terms of free speech and being divorced from history and "the banality of evil" as Hannah Arendt put it, decide to try and influence others. These little cockroaches are often a point of amusement for me. But once in a while they attempt to rear their ugly heads because...well because they are deranged and eaten up inside with hatred.

What is dangerous is when they attempt to mask their Antisemitism or desire to see Jews mass-murdered or even their inner need to fight without any objectivity for any other cause that does not concern them nor effect them in any way - simply because it is yet another way to get at the Jews.

Paranoia on my part? Over-simplification? Reading words all wrong?

Well you decide.

In a few posts in The View From Jerusalem I have discussed some 3-6 people who seem to aggregate at a writers forum called Absolute Write. (Please see: The Great Board Game Of Risk & Hatred Spreads Like A Cancer & A Nation State? State Of The Nation? - I Give Up...). I often discuss them and their sick hatred simply because they serve as a window to the minds of those who attempt to place "hatred" in intellectual terms with excuses to boot. You can find people like this everywhere. They were there when WWII was over and lived in the towns near the concentration camps and swore that they never knew what was going on. They fight for the perceived "Underdog". They are neither left nor right. Their views are determined not by justice but by hatred. It leads them by the nose and causes everything they say or do to be tainted by that hatred.

That is why I sometimes use these posters on a Writer's forum as examples. To remind us that cockroaches are always there hiding in the pipes.

Upon happening upon a thread over at Absolute Write entitled: A troubling issue with freedom of speech, I immediately knew it was time for hatred to rear its ugly head. In a very well presented argument the original poster wanted to say that it should not be against the law to deny the Holocaust (in the European countries where it is) for this smacks of thought and speech control. And you know what? I agree. Let me bold that: I agree.

Only one problem. These people are applying their American "mentality" and thoughts on what democracy is to another society which does not believe in nor uphold their views. A different historical perspective as it were. But be that as it may I agree with the fact that fee speech should be free speech.

And as they say that should have been that. But of course, even if everyone agrees, how could that end it without Israel and Jews coming up? I mean...hey...come on...lets get mileage out of this one.

And then my eye caught a post (took this time till page 55 posts to get there) which has to be the scariest thing I have ever seen posted on a forum board. And this in all seriousness.

A poster made the point:
Crazy shit is easy to ignore, but a systematic approach that is geared towards the alienation of a certain group of people from the rest of society should not be ignored.
And then the original person who started the thread, and is certainly, in many people's minds at AW a rabid anti-semite, had this little genius ditty:
But to what end? You are assuming that there will be a systematic repudiation of I assume, Jewish people in Europe? But, again, I ask you: to what end? What is the motivation? We're not in the 1930's anymore, [name].
You do dear people, see the implication here. You do realize that the implication is as follows:
  1. If there is no motivation and no purpose then no one would conceive of trying to wipe out the Jewish people. (That could never and never has happened of course. Ahmadinejad has an end and a motivation so let us go to #2)
  2. And if there is a purpose and and a motivation - then it would be legitimate to discuss and weigh the motivation and purpose vis-a-vis the desired results, being, wiping out the Jewish people.
  3. And we have progressed so much since the 1930's that mankind cannot even conceive of another holocaust or war.
That is some scary shit there. Real scary. By the way. Just as an aside. Did you see this poster mention anywhere Ahmadinejad and his public announcements that he will destroy all of Israel? Did you see his mention of killing all the Jews? Of course you didn't! Free Speech rules!

Oh but there is more.

You didn't think that this old boys club of the same 3-6 people always slapping each other on the back for their "intelligence" and "wittiness" and their knowledge of Wikipedia would stop there did you? This people is a window into sick minds - remember that. Minds which have so much hatred and so much blackness that it is difficult to comprehend. So let us just go a bit further.

You see there has always been speculation behind the scenes why such behavior is presented. Who are these 3-6 people in real life? Why are they on a writer's board where they have never published nor will ever publish a thing? What motivates them? Some have presented fantasy ideas about them. But why? All you have to do is wait a bit and see how Freedom of Speech goes to the validity of Holocaust denial and Holocausts to Israel and Palestine. It is a fairly normative progression is it not? And yet it can only be a normative progression if it is the "Jews" who invade your thoughts. If you are really torn by your hatred of Israel and Jews.

So here is the official answer in the same thread as to why the Israelis are horrific:
Almost two years ago, it was brought to my attention that my home - the one that I built myself - was going to be take from me so that a private developer named [name] could build a toll road to [name]. Now, the "developer" was clever; the company refused to disclose the actual location, thus driving the housing market in the effected counties down to nothing. I was going to be told to essentially give my home away.

You have no idea what kind of anger that is.
In other words folks, this guy got taken in a land deal and lost money, so now the Israelis have to pay. You see it is Israel who "stole" land. It is not the Palestinians. No Jew or Israeli has a claim to any land. That is a given. Period. Did you see any mention of Jews being compensated for all the land and real estate stolen from them in Europe? Did you see a hint of an idea that Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem lost all their land and real estate and were murdered in the riots of 1929? Stolen from them. Of course you didn't!

And I damn well know what kind of anger that is. I damn well know a hell out of a lot better than some real estate deal gone bust, just what one looses when some Nazis come along make most of my family into soap, take their gold fillings and steal all their land.

Here is a further ditty from this giant intellect of the skies (bold is mine):
If the Palestinian people are compensated, if they agree to that compensation; if Palestine becomes the new Egypt with Alexandria as its capitol if you will. . . .I will expect Israel to be left in peace. Absolutely. And I will vigorously defend her and access to Jerusalem - which apparently is a symbol of something to many cultures - if the Palestinians are compensated. Period.

But a wrong has to be acknowledged and righted. I submit, we pull the rug out from under radical Islam if the people of Palestine are duly compensated. You've heard it before.
This is the kicker folks. Here the Jews and the Israelis are expected once again to rely on the magnanimous kindness of people like this. "I will expect" "I will vigorously defend" ... Does any one see a hint of megalomania here? Does anyone realize just what the hell is really being said here? Can you dig it? Somewhere in this deranged mind there is only the Palestinians. Jews and Israelis are something belonging to once again - the justice of such people. And of course, such deep understanding of whatever the hell this guy calls "radical Islam" - is only due to the Jew and the State of Israel. Radical Islam has nothing to do with the US or free Christian countries. It has nothing to do with the"infidel". This is "intellectual thought" par-excellance.

And the horrors done to the Jewish people, in a thread discussing the freedom of speech for Holocaust denial...are you missing the insidious tendrils of hate and prejudice here?

Now here is the real finale. Keep in mind all these posts are by the same person. The same "intelligent" individual who pleads with us, as you will see in a moment to accept and pay attention to his views.
Now, I have come to mistrust the inflammatory rhetoric of certain politicians, particularly our president, as I have come to dismiss the supposed broad, simmering European anti-semitism. There is some, no doubt, but miniscule in comparison to the European population. Just as swastikas crop up here and get huge media attention, so do they crop up there with the same result, especially on a slow news day. . . .often adolescents responsible. And I've already addressed the confusion between Israeli policy and the international population of Jewish residents. It's an absurd comparison, used by some - blatantly by Israel - to manipulate the ill-informed. But education is on-going and will ultimately address the misplaced ill-will.

And the overwhelming majority of Muslims have no reason to pursue a hostile agenda toward the west. With the IS/Pal conflict resolved, I dare say radical Islam will find itself completely isolated and dealt with - probably by Islam itself - accordingly.
Does anyone here know what universe this guy is living in? Since he has already solved the "confusion" about Israel and the "international population of Jewish residents" I rest assured justice will be served. Israel, the evil, manipulating State of Israel, which managed to save some of the remnant of Holocaust survivors, the same Holocaust which the jerk in Iran is trying to deny, is manipulating the entire world Jewish population.

Is anyone reminded of a drunk Mel Gibson here?

Oh and suddenly, since there is no reason for Muslims to pursue a hostile agenda to the West, because Israel won't be around and the Jews will be floating in the sea - in the name of Justice - radical Islam will disappear.

This is truly a nut job here folks.

But here is a great quote from our "balanced, intelligent, love mankind" individual.
Lastly, I want to say that my arguments here are deliberately ignored by a few. If I ask for a demonstration or a fair analysis of a point that I have made, that point is often ignored or ridiculed but rarely acknowledged or even fairly rejected which I don't appreciate.
Someone please run out and buy this guy a pacifier. Please!

Nut job or not, the fact that this guy posts in a forum with seemingly intelligent people, and they read his words, scares the bejesus out of me. There is such a lack of reality, such an ignorance of what is happening, such an undertone of hate and prejudice against Jews and Israel that it is scary. I would rather read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Actually, his views really truly do belong in that work.

So yes. I pick on one thread in one forum, where a very small minority of people (even a small minority for this forum as well) gather to discuss amongst themselves the ways to justice. 3-6 people who clap each other on the back, use Wikipedia for knowledge, and understand all there is to know about Israel, Jews, the Holocaust, the Middle East, the Arab Jihad mentality and Palestine becoming Alexandria!

Yes I do pick this one thread in this normally very good forum. The thread and others like it offer a window to the sick minds that breed and spout hatred in "intellectual" terms. It is but a small inconsequential group of people, and yet they do exist. They do spout their hatred.

It is also enough to scare the hell out of me to see such things bandied about by such people. Remember Hitler had the German people behind him. And lots of them knew how to salute with great fervor.

Hatred and prejudice is sick. Even that which is expressed in "calm, rational and intellectual terminology".

And cockroaches are always hiding in the pipes.

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