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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jewish Bloggers..Grow Up Folks!!!!

I have been silent on this blog for a bit, due once again to pressures from other parts of my life. But it is a blog I kind of like, but I am not married to any of my blogs so what the hell.

I was planning, actually still am planning a series of posts on another subject of Israel & Zionism, but there is one thing which in caught my eye in the Jewish Blogging World the other day, which I have been following with a mixture of laughter, cynicism, and a certain amount of interest - due to the entertainment aspect of the whole feature.

It seems in the Jewish Blogging World there is a site, to which most of my blogs actually appear, called JBlog Central, where blogs from all over the Jewish world are placed and their feeds are picked up. It is really a great thing and David (I have no clue who this David is), deserves a real high five and respect for running JBlog Central. (I do not know his financial strategy - all I know is that it is entirely for free.)

When I discovered JBlog Central, a few weeks later a whole new thing started called the JIB Awards (Jewish & Israeli Blogs). Hell I thought, why not put in my food blog, Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen, as a contender? And so I did and forgot all about the thing, until it came time to vote which is this week. (If you would like to vote for Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen, at the JIB Awards click here.)

And then over @ JBlog Central I began to pay attention to a couple of things. There seems to have been a squabble/argument/fight between some Jewish bloggers which borders on the inane. Personal statements are made (some litigious btw); mud is flown; accusations are made; others with a smile say nasty things covered in sweet words. Others seem to enjoy whining and presenting us with angst ridden pieces on how they want to win, then on how they don't care if they win, then on how they are happy they lost and then on gawd only knows what.

It is funny - especially when you don't know these people and have just come across their blogs.

But some of the stuff makes me also cringe in shame. So for those out there, if anyone does read this post from JBlog Central and/or the JIB Awards here is the reality of blogging life:

  1. No one has to like your blog. No one has to visit it. Just because you built it does NOT mean anyone is coming to see it!
  2. If you want your blog to be famous - advertise. Do something controversial. Don't spend hours on some ridiculous format, and think your humor should make you the most popular spokesman in the world. Being nice is great for your kids. It is NOT going to win awards on the Internet.
  3. Blog owners - you don't use moderation on comments - then don't complain when someone leaves a comment not to your taste. Period.
  4. No one could care less if you are a female or a male when they comment. The same language will be used. Period. So put on moderation, if you wish to moderate.
  5. Some people - this never fails - and it disgusts me - think their mission in life is to be the "religious mashgiach" of that world. They will preach to everyone in comments left on blogs on how we should not curse; how we need to behave; how we need to express ourselves. Stop it and stop your preaching. I am religious and the second I see that - it makes me want to convert to the Romulin religion in Star Trek. Gawd...who made you the eyes and ears of God?
  7. Personally, and I have to ask this, how come it is like 3 to 1 of owners of Blogs OUTSIDE of Israel, who are so damn cavalier about Israel going to war? I swear, next time I see one of these jokers from the US, UK or Oz - post something about Israel and the glorious fighting machine backed by God...I am going to rip some serious holes in Jewish Blogging land.
  8. You want to win an award. GO OUT & WIN IT. Stop whining. Stop crying over the "others" who beat you cause they knew how to get people to vote for them and you did not. This is the INTERNET, not your local synagogue where all you do is have to smile sweetly at the Mens & Ladies club to win an election.
  9. If you cannot take the heat stay out of the kitchen. You want to win - then go out and win. You don't care -that is great to. Just don't give us this holier than thou - I am not joining because awards are not for me or that sort of malarkey. And don't whine when you loose.
  10. Lesson to be learned: Some people should not own blogs and some others who do never left first grade where everyone gets a prize for winning the spelling-bee.
  11. Blogging is big business. Blogging can make you money. Blogging is Public Relations, and don't give me any story about doing this for the "sake" of blogging. BULL. It is PR for you and PR for your family if you want it that way.
  12. Stop being children Jewish Bloggers. Grow up. For goodness sake if you blog cause you are so full of these good feeling for others and you really have no other motive (yeah, right!) than what the hell do you care if you win or loose an award.
  13. Please GROW UP!
My rant is over.

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